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Agnadio Studios
Εσωτερικός χώρος
Agnadio Studios
Με θέα σε όλη την Φοινικούντα από όλα τα δωμάτια μας
Agnadio Studios
Καθημερινή περιποίηση των δωματίων
Agnadio Studios
H Θέα από τα δωμάτια

Agnadio Studios

Rooms to Let |Agnadio Studios |Foinikounta 

Looking carefully decorated rooms, which the hosts make you feel 'at home' you? We are here to Agnadio Studios! You offer the best apartments in Finikounda and book simply by calling 2723 0 71081 | 6974144339

Each of the Studios has twin beds, chair - single bed, table, kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, air conditioning and a balcony with magnificent views of the sea and the village that will impress you! Also available open parking.




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Agnadio Studios

Agnadio Studios - Finikounda - Messinia
Τ: +30 2723 0 71081  - Mob: 6974144339

Chroma Apartments

Chroma Apartments - Finikounda - Messinia 
Τ: +30 27230-71081 - Mob: 6973882893